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I am a 25 yr old writer.I believe in using all of your gifts. I'm passionate about; Writing,Cooking, Nutrition, Exercise & Architectural Interior Design. One of my Hobby's is the Sims 3. This blog will be a little about all of this.


Hi guys XD!! it’s been 2 months since I share poses with you. So here it goes a new pose pack, theme highly requested by anons ;), Couple poses for couples with an height difference, already in game. That difference is made by sliders in game and no this poses do not extend your sims skeleton ;).

For this poses to work right you need a couple with a real height difference (again, created by sliders), even if you don’t have it you can use omsp or pose player add-on ;).

The height varies from pose to pose so it’s mostly not the same height, please be aware of that while using the poses and you may need to adjust your sims with those tools I rephrased above :) 

Please follow my TOU

Zip: Pose list, No pose list, Codes with images and the bag for pose 7. I give credit to the creator of the bag Daisy sims3.

Download: Media / Mega / Dropbox

Thank you <’3!!! Kisses and Cookies, Mary ;)!

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{Springtime Lookbook}


I feel like spring ~~

It’s an really old sim..that i created last year..i think…..Modified her a bit..haa

Anyway , she is Adelaide ^_^


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I saw some cute cases & wanted to make some for the sims as a quick followers gift 

Hope you enjoy 


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btw sorry for the crappy game crashed so I had to take the previews of the phones in tsrw 

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